bangkok II

having the damndest time trying to get pictures on the blog. any ways, bangkok is great and would recommend it as a destination for any one. more will be posted later but a few qucik observations:
  • the friendliest people and verypolite, and at the same time there are those who will hustle you in the blink of an eye - depends where you hang out.
  • hot, humid, rains every afternoon
  • the food is out of the world everything from inscets to deep fried breads, to the most amazing fruit - hot, sour, salty, sweet and spicey
  • caucasian men walking around with thai women and boys are creepy
  • luxury to poverty in twelve steps or less
  • thai massage is fantastic - and no, i did not get the massage with the "happy ending"
  • with my certificate from cooking school i am ready to venture forth in new cusines, now if i can only find some great markets
  • traffic lines on the road are only mere suggestions, a free for all that seems to work(those in the lead have the right of way)
  • ferrys and boat rides are way to get around

more later....

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