Ryan Trebon 2007 cyclocross Nationals Crash

that's got to hurt in so many ways


ski bike

having taken up the misery sticks this year, as well as purchasing a pass for the windsor park nordic centre this year, i wanted to try and ride my bike to most of the ski trails in winnipeg. after looking at several options for transporting my skis on my bike (i.e. strapping them alongside the top tube) i settled on the bob trailer with a rack made of pvc pipe. the system works great; the inaugural trip took 50 minutes from my house to windsor at an even pace.


phase 2

last night was christmas for me. put together the sledgehammer (my silly name for the bike - stolen from napolean dynamite) with some borrowed parts as i need to wait for a few parts to come in. it is here that i need to bow to the wisdom of paddy - if i had ordered everything months ago and received it then i would be looking at one or two trinkets which would be very pretty but somewhat unhelpful for the construction of the bike (i guess this is how shops keep somewhat of a normal semblance of inventory, by listening but not acting on every knee jerk whim of impatient customers - sigh). any ways, here are some pictures of the evening:

the lewis getting stripped of the cranks and headset. anybody need a large single speed frame that comes in at under 3.5 lbs?

like the chain on your bike, keep your mechanic well lubricated

the naked frame

i have a 140mm rotor on the back; to accommodate the brake tab/wheel location we added an additional spacer to move the brake a touch higher

the obligatory chain line shot


the sledgehammer comes in at just over 21 lbs with these tires (and tubes) - this should drop by .5 lbs with new tubeless tires and other stuff

phase 3 will be the addition of the final components and the decals (minimal) and headbadge . i also need to figure out the correct stem length as the effective top tube length is slightly longer than that of the redline. phase 4 will be improving the engine that drives this thing, which is much harder and takes longer (and may not be possible) than actually planning, collecting the parts, and putting the bike together.

thanks to the mike t., tom, paddy, and especially mrs. dr. who supports my silly habit. woo hoo!

phase 1 pt. 2

the other photos that did not load this morning.


phase one

crap - there was suppose to be a couple of other photos of the frame on the blog when i got to work. tried to download three photos just before i left for work so i could do my silly little write ups with my morning java - guess it didn't work.

things i discovered about my frame:
it comes in at 4lbs 7.8oz - sweet
it is not a 27.2mm seat tube (guessing it might be 27.0 - will find out at the shop)
it looks very nice with the new wheelset i had built up (black stan's rims, black revolution spokes)

more later