found this in my mailbox this afternoon...

Hi Hal,
OK, I just got those dropouts, should be starting your bike early
next week.
i'll keep you posted.


frame update

received an email from mike truelove, and it looks like there is movement happening on the new bike front.

here are some specifics for the bike:

29er singlespeed

head tube angle: 72 degrees
seat tube length: 21.5"
seat tube angle: 73 degrees
top tube length: 25" (sloped)
chain stay length: 17.5"
BB height 12"

seat tube and down tube will be reynolds 853
top tube is tange ultimate
seat stays and chain stays will be reynolds 725
dropouts are paul single speed rear drop outs with axle keepers
adjustable disc mount

other details:
two water bottle mounts and guides for hydraulic brake lines

the bike will be built with the following:
thomson elite seatpost
selle italia slr gel flow saddle (if it comes back from warranty)
race face next sl handlebar (31.8 mm)
ritchey pro stem
chris king headset
avid jucy 7 hydraulics
pace rc29 carbon fork
truvativ stylo cranks (180mm)
egg beater candy pedals

i'll have two sets of wheels for this bike
set 1 (just built by the poosher) will be tubeless with notubes ztr rims, revloution spokes, white industries hubs, and a 16/18 dos freewheel (tires to be determined)
set 2 i will use with tubes. this gives me flexibility to use different tires and ability to use these wheels on my cross bike. they have mavic open pro rims, revolution spokes, and chris king hubs (singlespeed rear).

this is about as close as it gets to being like a little kid at christmas.



that time of the year

the banner of this blog says it is about bikes, beer, and bread - well its october and that means it is time to start baking again.


one helluva race

one of the better races and cross courses to come our way. fast, with a nice mix of technical sections - also a very pretty course to ride on. probably, one of the best races of the season to watch (too bad for those who missed it). the "b" race ended with a print to the finish line between rick y and dan lockery - a great race where rick had the lead the whole race as dan continued to make up ground lap after lap, finally catching him with 3 to go. dan took the lead going into the final lap, but rick caught and passed him at the line. there was a lot of support from the "a" racers and it was a riot watching dallas and others rag several "b" racers, while giving support to others. in fact the support for all the riders was classic - pure cowbell madness. The "a" race also ended in sprint to the line between ollie and daniel with daniel taking it by a wheel or less. luc rocked and almost stole 5th from jon b in a sprint to the line. there was some classic racing go on in the middle of the pack as cam and tom broke out on their own as jon, kuc, brain s and I worked together to try and reel them in at various points. eventually brian fell off the back and the rest of us conitnued our pursuit of the second tier crown in the "a" race. cam got too far ahead of us but the lead between the rest of us changed hands several times. jon broke out alone eventually, and tom also created a gap. luc and i found ourselves trying to catch tom somewhere in the middle of the race. we worked together for 3 laps and managed to pull tom in and the three of us rode together for a bit. luc jumped again and he and tom took off after jon - I just couldn't hold their wheels and settled into 8th place with nothing left to try and catch tom. luc managed to reel in jon and the two of them sprinted to line where jon won by three inches. sweet stuff. i was pleased with my race, finally making it through a race without getting lapped by the leaders, a first for me in an "a" race.