come out and say it...

now, usually i find these types of post somewhat self-aggrandizing. to me they most often have a tone of conceit, filled with statement of 'i did this' and 'i accomplished that.' that is not the intention of this post, this is a public statement of intention and accountability. if i put it out there that i have some goals it becomes public and maybe someone will ask me 'how's it going?' that, or the fear that someone will ask me that, are the types of motivation that seem to work best for me. i find public statements of intention motivating, you know the 'walk the walk' type of thing.

last year was a good year for racing. i placed well in several races and was generally happy with my performance. this was somewhat surprising seeing as i did not really train that much, definitely without much consistency. i am hoping to be better prepared for this season and will be spending more time getting ready for the upcoming season.

so here it goes, my fitness goals for the upcoming season:
  1. better overall conditioning prior to the start of the race season
  2. better core strength
  3. a race weight of 185 by mid-season (starting at 195)
sometime later i will post what i am doing to meet these goals.


bikes in the news

normally i would post these on the fgbc blog but i thought i would let the jersey info sit at the top for a bit

good story about how important bikes are to Namibia

a piece on cyclocross in the nytimes - similar to what we have been doing with the mucr cross labs