me being selfish - laura benefiting

steve hajula, who some of you know, wrote a ethnographic paper for his own amusement on guys who build bikes for their partners. the theory is that they do it more for their own needs and desires than those of the partner who is getting the bike - as far as I can tell I am a case study of this.

laura is receiving the benefits of my need and addiction of building bikes. is it more bike than she needs - she seems to think so, but i would argue that sh will be getting a kick-a** bike that should last a long long time. doesn't matter who you are, you got to appreciate a well built bike that is going to be easy and comfortatble to ride.

in case you are wondering here is the tubing that is being used for the bike (from Mike's email)

"I have some sweet tubing here that I have been hanging onto, and this could be the perfect bike for it.DT, TT and seatstays are all Tange Prestige- the origional stuff, made in Japan, super strong and medium light weight.Seat tube - Reynolds 631 ,externally butted.Chainstays - true temper HOX2 - these are bent specifically for 29" wheels, which is perfect in this case"

more to follow...


whatcha doing next thrusday????

mrs. dr. has a concert and it will be really cool, here is the promo from the organizer...

Blow Them Away, curated by Diana McIntosh

WHEN: Thursday, April 16, 2009, 8 pm
WHERE: Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall, U of W
TICKETS: Adult: $19 / Senior: $17 /Student: $9

Concert Description:
The exciting international duo of Allen Harrington, saxophone, and Laura Loewen, piano, our featured artists, will 'blow you away' with their breath-taking artistry, virtuosity and musicality. They'll amaze you with their expressive and dramatic powers in works by Belgian composer Piet Swerts and Jean-Luc Fafchamps, French composer Jean-Pierre Leguay and Canadians Robert Lemay and Diana McIntosh. Winnipeg's own colourful clarinetist Patricia Daniels will join Diana in the premieres of pieces for clarinet and piano by Sid Robinovitch and Allan Bell.

Allen Harrington, saxophones
Patricia Daniels, clarinet
Laura Loewen, piano
Diana McIntosh, piano